Penang War Museum Tadashi Suzuki is Still Here

Penang Museum is located in Southeast Asia and is the most haunted museum. The original Penang museum is Batu Maung Fort which was built by the British in the 1930s. The fort is used for storing supplies, and ammunition, and protecting the trade routes during World War II. After World War II, the Japanese occupied the fort and converted it into a stronghold and war prisoner camp. During this time, the fort witnessed beheadings and torture daily. After many years, the place was left abandoned, and the rumors began spinning. Even after it is converted into museum these rumors are increased.

Penang War Museum: Japanese executioner Tadashi Suzuki Spirit haunts this area? 

Ghost stories circulated regarding the museum like ghost sightings, dark shadow figures, and eerie atmosphere. Locals began to fear to enter into the museum and they added a name to it known as Bukit Hantu (Ghost Hill). Locals claimed that the souls of soldiers are trapped in Ghost Hill. These souls are turned out to be demons and haunting these grounds. Although these tormented souls of those who killed inside the fort, and the Japanese executioner Tadashi Suzuki still roams inside the museum. Some visitors claimed that they have sighted his apparition around the premises, including in some of the dark tunnels connected to underground military bunkers. A lot of the original buildings still stand; these are blazed with information and actual antiques from the war. The museum is open daily and charges a less fee for entry.

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