Changi Hospital was built in 1935 by the British government as part of the military base camp in the Changi area. It included two military buildings – Blocks 24 and 37. These buildings are part of the Kitchener Barracks, housed by the Royal Engineers of the British Army.  Later, the grounds being grabbed by Japanese troops in 1942 and used as a holding area for prisoners of war. 

Then things started getting dark, though the Kitchener Barracks still utilized as a medical facility for injured military personnel. During WWII these grounds are used by the Kempeitai. The Kempeitai are the Japanese military police infamous for their fierce torture techniques. There is a rumor that the hospital held Kempeitai torture chambers and a room with thick chains hanging from the walls and blood-stained floors. 

Is Old Changi Hospital Haunted?

Over the years, Singapore’s gaining of independence and the withdrawal of British troops, the hospital saw more changes during 1970s. During this period, the hospital went by the names of ANZUK Hospital, UK Military Hospital, Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Hospital, and finally, Changi Hospital. Later, medical services slowly downed and unavailable to the public, and no longer were just for military personnel and their families. The blocks of the hospital are not well designed, and it is difficult to carried out the medical services. Later, the hospital officially closed in 1997 after merging with Toa Payoh Hospital to form Changi General Hospital. Old Changi Hospital rooms are used by Satanists as sites for demonic practices. There is a rumor that the hospital is haunted with strange shadow figure wearing medical uniforms along the corridors.