Forbidden City in Beijing, China

Forbidden City in Beijing, China

Forbidden City in Beijing is one of the scariest places in China. Over 600 years of history of assassinations and conspiring behind it so, it occupied with several restless ghosts within the walls. One of the most popular ghost stories of Forbidden City is weeping woman, dressed in white and another one is a flute music played during dark hours.  Ghost dogs are running near the corridors at the edges of the labyrinth. But, apart from this rumors, and all kind of things. Most of the visitors felt nervous like someone is watching them, and feel their presence behind. Let’s find out the reason behind why Forbidden City is haunted!

Chinese Tradition and Folklore

Ghosts are taken seriously in China. According to their culture, you should avoid ghosts or else you will be haunted by them. According to their tradition, two gate-keepers (demons) standing on every doorstep. These demons are guardians and keep away evil spirits from entering through the door. What legends talk about the Forbidden City.

Forbidden City was cursed since it officially opened by the Ming Emperor Yongle in 1421. The Evil Emperor slaughtered over 2800 people during the New Year's Eve. Few years later, a fire ruined the Forbidden City, burning over 250 buildings to the ground and killing countless people. The Emperor Yongle plunged into depression, thinking that it was a punishment for his actions, and he died in 1424.

Today, Forbidden City is prohibited entry during night time. They will always close the gates at 5 pm sharp. During nights paranormal activity would appear as per the locals. Most popular legend is a ghostly woman in white heard crying inside the palace during night time, and the report of this specific ghost date back to the 1940s. Still it said to be haunted? 

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