Haunting of Highland Towers

Haunting of Highland Towers

A disaster known as the Highland Towers fall took place in Kuala Lumpur on December 11, 1993 leaving behind traces of tragedy as well as mystery, when locals began to suspect that paranormal activity like spirits were responsible for this fall. Let's see what happened exactly. Highland Towers were a trio of residences situated on a hill along Taman Hillview in Ampang. A tower unexpectedly collapsed in the morning killing 48 people, and others were injured. 

The surrounding residents were staggered by the noise, and they alerted the emergency team. The authorities and emergency services arrived at the scene and rescued the injured residents who are trapped inside the building. Multiple news channels covered the event at that time. Strange allegations made by the locals that paranormal forces are responsible for the collapse. A paranormal urban legend holds that the Highland Towers were constructed on a cemetery and the spirits of the deceased were outraged by the construction. However, experts have denied. Some individuals believe that the collapse was due to by a curse or haunting, despite authorities confirmed that a combination of structural flaws and soil erosion was to blame.

Grave Encounters

In 1994, two incidents took place. The first one is a woman getting into a taxi in the middle of the night. So, the taxi driver asked her about the destination. She replied Hillview, and she kept talking to the driver. At the junction of the Highland Towers, she replied to the driver that she had left her belongings in that apartment. "My body and my life. I died here." When the driver turned back, there was no one!

Another spooky incident is when a paranormal researcher started his research at one of the abandoned blocks within the building. He came across a boy, and he asked that boy what he was doing there. The boy turned his head with a half-torn face, and he said he lost one arm. 

In 2019, the remains of the Towers were demolished and buried the tragic past for good.