The Whaley House Is it Really Haunted

While the story of the Whaley House’s sources are truth. The property was the site of one of the town’s most famous public executions – that of the hanging of the notorious burglar Yankee Jim Robinson. But Thomas Whaley was not intimidated by this particular thing. He purchased the house in the year 1855.The construction started and built like a family home.

Thomas moved into the house with his wife and three children in the year 1857. Happy moments are no longer Thomas young son 18 months old, died of scarlet fever inside the house. Later lot of incidence took place in the house. Thomas left the house and returned back with his five children in the year 1868. The house turned into county courthouse, San Diego’s first theater troupe, a general store and more. 

But, in the year 1885, a tragedy happened to Thomas' family. Whaley daughters got married. Violet, the young one, married George Bertolacci. The marriage was agonizing, leaving Violet divorced and full of pain. She was got depression and shot herself in the chest.

Now Whaley House is associated with paranormal activity. The spirit of Jim Robinson was believed to roam in the house. Visitors often listen to footsteps, eerie sounds, and sightings of apparitions. 

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