Spooky Spots of Asheville A Woman Hung Herself on the Bridge

Asheville, North Carolina, is famous for its haunted locations and its history. Asheville is known for its beautiful landscape, but whatever the beauty lies a dark secret.  Plenty of ghosts and weird happenings that took place in Asheville, we can't think about it. Let’s check out the spooky places of Asheville that thrills us.

Spooky Spots of Asheville

Helen's Bridge: If you are traveling the backroads of Asheville, you come across the Helen's Bridge. A woman named Helen committed suicide by hanging herself. Her spirit can be seen near the bridge looking for her child. Sometimes, locals hear Helen's crying during the night. 

Jackson Building: The building was built in 1924. It was the tallest building in North Carolina. Due to the stock market crash, a lot of businessmen who were housed in the Jackson Building committed suicide. 

Grove Park Inn: It was built in 1917. The hotel witnessed its first death. A woman committed suicide. Her spirit wandered the halls of the hotel. She wore a pink dress. So, staff members called her "Pink Lady". 

Erwin High School: The school is famous for plenty of poltergeist activity due to its past. The land was previously used as a burial ground or cemetery. You can observe flickering lights and objects banging and clattering.

Highland Hospital: Founded in 1904 as a mental facility. The hospital aimed to achieve brain health in patients. In 1984, a fire accident killed doctors and patients. Today, this building is well-known as haunted by restless spirits.

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