Haunted Locations in South Korea

South Korea is known for fashion, history, and landscape. But, have you ever noticed that there are few haunted locations? I don't think so!! From ancient legends to modern ghost stories, these haunted places captured the imaginations of locals and tourists alike. Check out the haunted places where the lines between the living and the supernatural blur.

Haunted Locations in South Korea

Pohang Hospital: The Hospital is meant for tragic events that happened within the walls. The hospital was built during the Korean War and witnessed a lot of deaths. Paranormal investigators reported eerie sounds and mysterious shades. The souls of patients and soldiers who died during the war are trapped inside the hospital.

Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital: It is a psychiatric Hospital or haunted hospital abandoned in the year 1990. The eerie atmosphere, rotting interiors, and dark past. Visitors often report disembodied voices, shadow figures and unexplainable cold spots.

Bangour Village Hospital: The hospital was abandoned in the year 2000s. The paranormal investigators reported ghostly shades, footsteps echoing, and baffling cries in rooms.  Locals believe the spirits of patients who suffered here continue to haunt the hospital.

Naju Haunted House: Visitors who visited this house reported strange noises, voices, and ghosts. Visitors claimed cold spots and said someone was watching behind them. Paranormal investigators entered the house for an investigation and found objects scattered around the area and furniture moved around.

Jeju Island's Olle 12-Gil: A stunning island with a unique folklore. The island is believed to be haunted by the spirit of a woman who died in the caves. Hikers heard the crying of a woman while entering into the caves.

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