The UK is culturally influenced by Europe. Many haunted locations surprise the tourists who visit the UK. The country has a history of dark secrets that are hidden. Our ancestors know what happened in the past which our present generation doesn't know or bother about.  But now you need to, here you can find haunted churchyards built on hallowed ground and many more.  

Pluckley Village, Kent

This village is one of the most haunted places in the UK. Ghost sightings are reported in this village. The Watercress Woman spirit was seen by visitors on Pinnock Bridge. The village's Church of St. Nicholas is active today. A lot of evidence has been collected by ghost hunters from this church.  Whether it is gossiped or not a scream can be heard from the woods of the dead.

Blickling Hall, Norwich

The Royal Blickling Hall belongs to the Boleyn family. Anne Boleyn married to King Henry VIII. After a few years, Anne gave birth to a girl, but King Henry VIII required a son. So, he killed Anne and her head was chopped off. On the 19th of May each year, the anniversary of her death she would visit Blickling Hall.

Pendle Hill, Lancashire

The Pendle Hill area is meant for mystery and beliefs that attract tourists and ghost hunters. During the 17th century, witchcraft was banned and 12 women performed the witchcraft and were caught by the villagers. So, they hanged those 12 women and buried them in Pendle Hill. Now the place is known as the restless spirits of the witches. Many programs were telecasted on TV regarding Pendle Hill, and some crew members reported the presence of evil spirits.

Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire

Ancient Ram House provides a perfect image of a haunted house. It was built in the year 1145. Tourists have reported ghost sightings inside the house. A witch has been haunting this house for many years. She died during the year 1500s.

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