Villa Nabila's Horrific Story

Villa Nabila is located on a hill in Johor Malaysia. The villa's history is a mystery and the first name of the villa is known as Christine Palace. The building was built in the year 1930s by a wealthy Caucasian family. So, after the owner's daughter was born, the villa was renamed Nabila. After her father had gone through bankruptcy, he murdered the entire family, leaving only his daughter alive. Later, the maid killed Nabila and was buried inside the walls of the house. Over the years, visitors who visited the house felt strange shadow figures, eerie events, and noises. 

Besides rumors, the villa’s exterior corresponds to a traditional Malay theatre upgraded on stilts. The front courtyard is supported by Gothic-inspired pillars decorated with moss and vegetation. The villa guessed that some parts of the mansion’s Gothic architecture were inspired by the British era. 

Is Social Media News is  True?

According to the social media reports, a group of 23 teenagers went missing while investigating the Villa Nabila. A group of teenagers met up to explore the villa, and when they entered the mansion began to experience an eerie. They examined the mansion's surroundings like rooms, pathways, and garden. On the second floor, a teenager found children running and another teenager screamed and collapsed on the floor. So, the team took their friend to Ayer Molek Mosque to heal her. Finally, teenagers claimed that no one had been in the house. But, they felt some presence in that villa. After a few years, the film director Syafiq gathered all the information regarding the villa to shoot a film. The movie was shot for 2 weeks; director didn't feel any presence of paranormal on the location. But, the crew reported strange things are happened to them.

The question is whether Villa Nabila is haunted or not. Is there any supernatural force protecting that villa? These strange questions challenge mankind and create confusion about whether evil spirits exist or not!