Khara Khoto

Khara-Khoto known as Black City is now buried by sand. As per rumor, it is occupied only by ghosts and demons. The city was founded by the Tangut people in 1032 as the capital of their Western Xia Dynasty (1038–1227). During the Mongol-led Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), the Tangut people were supposed to live here for 150 years. After the Yuan Dynasty was defeated by Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Their troops settled in Khara-Khoto. 

As per the local legend, the Ming troops laid siege to the city and they built a fortress.  A Mongol military general named Khara Bator controlled the whole town, but the karma hit back stronger. He killed his wife and children before he executed himself. Upon his death, the remaining Mongolian soldiers are slaughtered by the Ming army. After that, the city was permanently abandoned and fell to ruin for many years.

Khara-Khoto Ghost City 

A famous Venetian traveler Marco Polo travelled to Khara Khoto and he described the city as follows: 

Leaving this city of Kampion, and travelling for twelve days in a northerly direction, you come to a city named Ezina, at the commencement of the sandy desert, and within the province of Tanguth. The inhabitants are idolaters. They have camels, and many cattle of various sorts. Here you find lanner-falcons and many excellent sakers. The fruits of the soil and the flesh of the cattle supply the wants of the people, and they do not concern themselves with trade. Travelers passing through this city lay in a store of provisions for forty days, because, upon their leaving it to proceed northwards, that space of time is employed in traversing a desert, where there is not any appearance of dwelling, nor are there any inhabitants excepting a few during the summer, among the mountains and in some of the valleys.