Biltmore House

Is the Biltmore House haunted or it's a rumor? The house is a special attraction located in Asheville, North Carolina. It was built for the vacation home of George Washington Vanderbilt, one of the heirs to the Vanderbilt industrial assets. Since 1895, the family welcomed guests to the estate. The estate featured 8,000 acres with stunning views of the mountains and the outstanding house and gardens. In the early 20s, Vanderbilt escorted his mother to Asheville on a visit. 

He fell in love with the area and built a subtle summer home. Afterward, he married a girl and had a daughter. He died in Biltmore House in the year 1914.  After his death, the property passed to his daughter and grandsons. They decided to start a tourist business. Ever since then, the rumors spread across the estate that the dead founders are still around.

Hauntings and Paranormal Activity 

During his lifetime, Vanderbilt was interested in reading books, so he made a library and would spend a lot of time reading his favorite books.  It was Vanderbilt's distinct habit to flee into the library when he glimpsed a storm looming. His ghost continued to visit the library, as workers and visitors who saw his apparition in the library during the storm. Visitors who are passing through the library reported hearing a woman's voice whisper the name "George", laughter, and music resonating through the halls. 

Visitors also claimed paranormal experiences and cold spots near the staircase. Paranormal investigators believe staircases are spiritual whirls that attract spirits. At the Biltmore house, most of the visitors faced odd occurrences on the stairs. 

Some have reported a headless orange cat roaming the garden area, and visitors can sense strange smells, cold spots, and eerie feelings on the stairs. In conclusion, we say Biltmore House is good for ghost hunting and paranormal activity, this place spooks you even though it is beautiful.