Père Lachaise Cemetery located across the pond in Paris, France. With souls who conquered their generations buried there like dizzy dervish Jim Morrison from the rock band The Doors, bon vivant-playwright Oscar Wilde. However, another place of endless rest right here in the American South that is a wonder. The Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah, Georgia.

The cemetery located on the 17-mile long Wilmington River. Savannah is a beautiful cemetery known as ‘natural cathedral.’ Forbearing and tall live oak trees cloaked in Spanish moss line all the winding paths in this cemetery, shows a haunting attraction and monuments throughout. The 100 acres of this special place have incited the emotions of generations of visitors for many years. You’ll feel something incited in the minute you approach the main gate.

The land was first purchased in 1762 by British loyalist John Mullryne. After the American War of Independence came to an end. John Mullryne faced oppression, and his land seized by local administrations and auctioned off to the public. The property changed hands three times until 1907 when it was officially attained by the city of Savannah in whose hands it still resides today. The city then declared the grounds a public cemetery. There is a legend that the statue is haunted by the ghost of Lorraine Greenman, the little girl who posed for the artist Sylvia Shaw Judson.

Another famous statue Gracie Watson (Little Gracie). The 6-year-old girl died of pneumonia and was honored in marble by artist John Walz from nothing but a photograph. For years, people have reported seeing a little girl at the Johnson Square where her father’s hotel once stood. The legend claims she appears in a white dress and later vanishes without a trace when you get too close. Visitors leave toys for her to play with, especially during Christmas time, and claim she cries tears of blood if her toys are removed.

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