From 1910 to 1962, Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville sheltered thousands of tuberculosis patients; the facility
was big that it had its own post office and water treatment facility.

One of the first questions arises. People ask are you interested in supernatural stuff, and why you write about that stuff. I believe in ghosts. But, when I heard about Waverly Hills Sanatorium, it was 100% confirmed ghosts do exist. I never visited that place, but I gathered information from investigators who went there.  

In the early 1900s, America was ruined by a deadly disease known as tuberculosis (white death). This terrifying and very infectious plague has no cure. Louisville, Kentucky had the highest tuberculosis death rate in America. Patients are transferred to Waverly Hills Sanatorium which was built on low, swampland. The area was the perfect breeding ground for disease. The hospital was constructed on a windswept hill in southern Jefferson County far from town.

Brutal Treatments in Sanatorium

By the late 1930s, tuberculosis began to reduce, and the medicines are available widely in the United States. In the year 1961, Waverly Hills was closed and again re-opened by Woodhaven Geriatrics Sanatorium. There are lot of stories about patients’ mistreatment and unusual experiments. Most of the patients are died due to the experiments like electroshock therapy. Later in 1982, the state closed the facility.

Legends of Waverly Hills Sanatorium

By 2001, the Sanatorium was completely abandoned and got reputation "haunted". Lot of spooky stories circulated around the hospital like a boy spotted with a leather ball (which is true till now most of the ghost hunters saw his presence over there), women with bleeding wrists who cried for help, slamming doors, lights in the window as there is no power, strange sounds, shadows, eerie footsteps in rooms, and a man with white coat walking in the kitchen. A horrific legend of Room 502, a nurse found dead in Room 502 in 1928. She committed suicide by hanging herself. She is unmarried and pregnant. But, till today ghost hunters found her spirit in the same room that she was hanging (still active).